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Finding your inner goddess, and what to do when you find her.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

There is no stopping point in life, well besides death. There is no goal line per say. No end zone where we throw the football and do the dance all the while there are people cheering for our victory. Nope. Just as soon as we achieve a small victory, something goes awry. Humbled once again, we either give up or figure out how to overcome and push yourself forward.

We are constantly flowing along a spectrum and learning from mistakes, bouncing back from seemingly unfortunate events. It is so easy to become bogged down and lose that inner voice. That child like whisper that says you are enough. Losing that boldness is devastating, and it can be a slow fade that we don't even notice. I know because I remember the day I decided that I had lost her, my childlike optimism and confidence. That, I can do anything in the world, and I can do it best, girl. I said, out loud to my cousin and her nanny, that I am reclaiming myself today. I am done letting the world dictate what my life would look like.

Interestingly enough, the next few months of my life catapulted me into what I didn't realize I had been looking for in a career. Looking at what I really enjoyed (and viewed online the most), I pulled the trigger. I started an herbalism program and an esthetician program, simultaneously. It has been winding road, but I am so grateful every day to wake up and do what I do. Sometimes, all it takes is commanding it out loud to the universe and yourself. And in the end, just choose what makes you feel alive. Every day. It seems simple, and it is. Make a choice. Just do it now.

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