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Skin Care Products. The Skinny.

I get so many so questions about home routine, skin care products, and just where to start with all of it. It can feel overwhelming, I get it. My first advice is to be mindful of where you purchase products. Buyer beware. Ask yourself this, does the seller care about my personal wellbeing? Is it a corporation, franchise, or small business owner? It matters. Secondly, ask yourself, is the seller knowledgeable about skin specific products? If they sell a multitude of other items, such as a drug store, the answer is no. Create a boundary with online purchasing. Create a boundary with blind purchases. This is your body. It's the only one you get. Do you want to know what I do recommend?

I suggest purchasing products from a reputable skin care facility. I can say that I personally want my clients to be healthy and see results from anything they receive from me. Start simple. More is not necessarily better. Pricier is not necessarily more efficacious. Find a cleanser that matches your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, maybe use an oil-based cleanser. Think hydration with your entire routine. Here are a few steps for a beginnger:



  1. Cleanse

  1. Cleanse

2. Exfoliate (Toner)

2. Exfoliate (Retinol)

​3. Moisturize/SPF

3. Moisturize


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