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Today my inner goddess is definitely the embodiment of Kali. I feel both creative and destructive.

Nothing is going to stop me. I am on fire. I cannot sit still. Yes, it stems from frustration at the dead ends I perceive, however the feeling is an opening to opportunities. How can I support other divines around me? This chaos I feel inside and surrounding me can be the reason she has arrived.

Someone from tik tok recommended a video to watch called "The Game of Life & How to Play It". Its content is familiar to me, but it is good to become reacquainted with this knowledge as it is the key to life. A note from the video was about giving and receiving. You give kindness, you receive kindness. You give hate, you receive hate. While listening to it, I saw a cry for help in one of my Facebook groups. A struggling esthetician needed social media assistance. Now, I am in the midst of my own frustrations, but I have somewhat mastered social media. This is something kind I can do! I added her as a friend, and such our friendship has begun. My day started to turn around after that.

It doesn't stop there. It keeps building. I am a destroyer and creator. I will not be stopped. There is too much to do. But yet, this is not me working. It feels different. I feel the power of the divine pushing my fingers and granting me small bouts of wisdom. Little nudges of information here and there. What shall I do next? Who knows. All I know is success is here. She has arrived.

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